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What To Do Before Giving your Laptop For Repair!

The three devices that have become a part of our everyday lives on the essential level are laptops, computers, and cell phones. However, we run into technical issues when they are destroyed and used frequently.

We, Lenovo service center Chandigarh, will discover more about laptops and how to prepare them for repair today. Here are some things to take care of while giving your laptop to the service center.

To be safe regarding your privacy and your computer’s security, you should follow some of the procedures listed below before giving your laptop to a repair shop.

Things to keep in mind: When you give your laptop to the service center.


There is a chance of some data loss, but the likelihood that the repair company will cost you your data is relatively low. Keeping a duplicate of your device’s contents might be beneficial to protect your data while it is being repaired. In general, this is an excellent habit to cultivate. Data loss can be caused by sources other than hardware failure, but the repercussions can be mitigated with a robust backup and disaster recovery plan.

Erase all your personal data:

No matter how trustworthy a corporation is, there is always the possibility that one of its employees will turn out to be a rotten apple. You should ensure that data is no longer present in the system to ensure that it is genuinely safe against loss or theft. Alternatively, encrypting the data kept on the device can’t hurt. In this manner, if someone can retrieve your data, they will receive a disorganized, unintelligible mess.

Make it simpler to reach the laptop:

Granted, we don’t recommend this very often, but the repair shop’s specialists will need access to the device to conduct the required repairs and ensure that everything is once again in top condition. Removing the requirement for a password to access Windows may make this much simpler for the repair technician. To aid the experts in identifying the issue at hand, it could also be a good idea to write a thorough description of the problem and attach it to the machine’s exterior. It’s also a good idea to keep a copy of your description and set up your computer, so it opens with the file displayed. To achieve this, save a copy of your file to the Startup Folder on the Start menu, which can be found in  %appdata%\microsoft\windows\start menu\programs\startup\

Eject the secondary hard drive if possible:

There are two storage drive components in modern laptops. The first is a solid-state drive, and the second is an HDD (SSD). Most crucial files, such as the operating system and programmes, are saved on SSD because it is faster than HDD. If you have any sensitive files, you can remove them from the laptop. Photos, films, and other types of files are preserved on HDD. However, only do it if you have prior experience working with laptops and computers. Otherwise, you risk damaging your laptop.

Log out of all social media accounts:

On anyone’s laptop, social media accounts are the most vulnerable items. Log out of social media accounts before handling your device if you give it to someone else to use or repair. It becomes challenging to log out of each platform if you use too many. You may rapidly complete this by deleting every password from the browser. Additionally, turn on two-factor authentication to make it nearly impossible for anyone to access your social media accounts.

Clear Cache and History:

Most folks don’t even think about clearing their browser’s cache and history before sending it in for repair. As data, photos, and site names are saved by browsers, anyone can learn about your privacy and the things you seek online. If it is your laptop, you should think about clearing the browser’s history because service technicians may sneak into your computer and access your surfing history.

Select the right service center:

Unfortunately, not every repair shop is the same. An established business with a history of contented clients is preferable to the next-door neighbour who fixes computers in his basement and is “extremely gifted with computers.” You shouldn’t be permitted to pick which store you use the slide at either. Does the individual you are considering have a privacy policy? After all, you are entrusting them with a priceless asset. As a result, you should validate that they are doing all possible to protect your data. Determine the repair shop’s actions if any private information is revealed. Contact the Lenovo service center in Mohali and Chandigarh for expert assistance and to have your gadget repaired by our experienced technicians.

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