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Tips to Increase PC Speed and Performance

A slow computer can negatively impact work and fun in today’s fast-paced environment. Whether you use the computer for surfing, entertainment, or personal use, maintaining speed and performance is essential. Technology plays a significant role in our daily lives; living without it is impossible. Our entertainment sources and work; everything is integrated with technology. 

This article is a comprehensive guide to taking care of your PC. These tips and tricks can help you increase your PC’s speed and enhance its performance. You can visit us if you are looking for the best laptop repair company in Tricity. We are one of the best laptop repair companies in Mohali. 

Several factors, including out-of-date hardware, bloated software, and neglectful maintenance, can cause a PC’s speed and performance to decline over time. Let’s explore tips and tricks that can help you increase your laptop’s speed and enhance its performance. 

Cleaning Up Disk Space

Disk Cleanup is one of the best ways to increase a PC’s speed and performance easily. The computer accumulates temporary files, system caches, and other junk that can take up disk space. If you don’t clean up the disk space, your computer will perform slowly. Cleaning up your disk space is essential to improving your computer’s performance. 

Open the Applications You Need

A PC performs slowly when you open multiple tabs and applications on your laptop. To fix this, open only the tabs and applications you want to use. If this isn’t helping, turn off your computer, start it again and open only those applications and tabs you need. 

Optimise Your Hard Drive

Defragmenting your hard disk can enhance your laptop’s performance and optimise your data storage. By rearranging the data on a medium for adequate storage and access, you defragment your hard disk, and the hard drive in your PC will start operating faster.

Invest in New Hardware

Occasionally, you can boost your computer’s speed by upgrading its hardware. Hardware upgrades include adding more RAM, installing a better GPU, and upgrading to an SSD, making your computer run faster and perform better.  

Use Performance Enhancing Software

Optimise your PC’s performance with performance-enhancing software. Some programs clean up junk files, manage startup programs, and boost internet speed to improve your computer’s performance. 

Scan for Viruses

Sometimes, the reason behind your laptop or computer’s slow performance is a virus that degrades its performance. You must scan your computer regularly for viruses. 

Uninstall Unnecessary Programs 

One primary reason your laptop performs slowly is that more than necessary applications are wasting valuable space. Remove the unnecessary programs so your computer can run faster. 

Use ReadyBoost

Using a ReadyBoost removable drive, which provides your computer with more memory (RAM), can improve the performance of your PC or laptop. When you use ReadyBoost, you’ll need a USB flash drive or a memory card that is at least 500 MB free and has a high data transfer rate.


In conclusion, your experience with a PC is greatly influenced by its speed and performance. Using the tips in this article, you can boost a PC’s speed, improve its overall performance, and make it more effective and pleasurable. Use the tips in this article to extend the life of your computer. A PC running effectively will surely save you time and increase your productivity. One can work without any distractions and irritation if the laptop works properly. In this fast-paced world, no one has the time to waste on the slow working of your computer. 

Remember that a well-maintained computer operates better, lasts longer, and saves money. Adopt these procedures to guarantee optimal performance from your machine.

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