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How to Fix HP Laptop Stuck on Startup?

Laptops, the portable version of computers, are easy to carry around. Technological advancements have made people’s lives much more accessible, especially the innovation of laptops, making carrying technology easy wherever you go. Like any other machine, a laptop goes from several setbacks from booting normally. Before resigning to a repair shop, you must try some troubleshooting steps, which you can try at home to fix an HP laptop stuck on startup. 

This article is a comprehensive guide on how to fix an HP laptop stuck on startup. At the end of this article, you will be well-acquainted with fixing a laptop stuck on start-up at your home. 

Power Reset 

Sometimes, a power reset can fix the problem. You can turn your computer off and on again. While you turn your laptop off, you must disconnect the power cord. If your laptop has a removable battery, you must remove it. If your laptop is unplugged and the power cord is removed, you can hold the power button for 30-40 seconds. This endeavour will surely drain the residual power. At the end, put the battery back in, reconnect the power cord and turn your computer on. This will ensure that your laptop will run smoothly. 

Perform Window Start Up Repair 

This is one effective step to help your laptop reboot normally. To start a window, restart your computer and press the F11 key continuously. After that, click start, press and hold the shift key and power, then restart while continuously pressing the shift key. The start-up repair fixes various problems automatically and helps your laptop stop being stuck at the start-up. 

Repair System Files 

Repairing the system files is another effective way to fix your HP laptop stuck on startup. SFS, System File Checker, is an important tool that helps find corrupted files on the system and repair them. You can also run Deployment Image Servicing and Management to fix the underlying Windows system image. Once these scans are done, you must restart your computer.

Reinstall RAM

Reinstalling RAM is also a good option to fix your laptop if it gets stuck on startup. Sometimes, the RAM stick can become loose in their sticks, causing boot issues. You can reinstall them, ensuring a secure connection. Dust on the RAM contacts can also prevent proper communication. If you reinstall the RAM, it will also help to clean the contacts. 

Boot in Safe Mode

Press the power button, and when you see the HP logo, press the F8 key repeatedly until the Advanced Startup Options menu appears. Choose “Troubleshoot” > “Advanced options” > “Startup Settings” > “Enable Safe Mode”. This is one of the ways to fix an HP laptop that is stuck on the start-up. 


To sum up, the laptop is a machine that can have occasional setbacks, such as slowing down or failing to start properly. You can take several measures at home to ensure it’s running smoothly. If you can’t resolve the laptop issues, you must take it to a repair professional. 

A slow-running laptop or being stuck on a start-up can cause hurdles while you work. So keep your laptop in good condition, so your work goes smoothly. Specifically, If you live in Tricity and are looking for an HP service centre in Chandigarh, you can contact Sneha IT Solutions. 

This article shares some methods to fix HP laptops stuck on startup. By following these steps, you should be able to repair corrupted system files on your HP laptop and hopefully resolve any issues they were causing. If the problem persists, consider exploring HP’s system recovery options or seeking help from a qualified technician.

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