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Common Problems of Laptops and Solutions

Laptops have become an integral part of our daily lives, whether we study, work, surf, or watch anything. Like any other technological device, their performance tends to deteriorate over time. In this fast-paced world, no one has the patience to work on a device that doesn’t work correctly. If you are experiencing some issues with your laptop, you don’t have to worry about it. This article will address some of the common problems of laptops and suggest some solutions so you can fix them yourself. 

Let’s dive into those common problems your laptop can have and their subsequent solutions!

Laptop doesn’t Turn On

One of the most common problems that may arise is when your laptop doesn’t turn on. This is a general problem that occurs with laptops. It seems dead, without any light or sound. What you need to do is check if the device is fully charged. If it’s fully charged, there can be other reasons behind its failure to turn on, such as a problem with the AC adaptor. If everything is right with the AC adaptor, then the DC jack or something else might be wrong with the motherboard. 

Wi-fi Connectivity Issues

Your laptop can have Internet connectivity issues, another common problem. You can resolve this problem efficiently at home by yourself. The reason behind this disruption in the connection can be a firewall blocking the connection to failing wireless hardware on the laptop, which may be breaking the connection or malfunctioning router. You can check network settings, restart your router and update network drivers for a seamless wi-fi connection. 

Keyboard Keys Stopped Working 

Another common problem with your laptop is that the keyboard can stop working or contain the wrong letters. Sticking keys can disrupt your work and be frustrating. You can clean the dirt with a clean cloth. 

Laptop is Slow and Lagging

Nobody prefers using a slow and lagging laptop for work or entertainment. Your device’s slow performance could be caused by several factors, such as resource-hungry programs, background performances, storage overload, or outdated hardware or software. To run your laptop regularly, you can restart it, check resource-intensive programs, disable strat-up programs and free disk space, upgrade RAM, update drivers, and install an operating system. 

More Battery Drainage than Usual 

Fast battery drainage is another common problem with laptops. To resolve this issue, you need to lower the brightness of your computer, turn off the background apps, and occasionally calibrate your battery to ensure accurate charge readings.

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Too Much Time to Boot Up 

You must check the background process if your laptop takes forever to boot up. There may be issues with the hardware, such as hard drive overload, failing hardware, or a slow hard drive. You can update your software, scan for malware, disable startup programs, and defragment your hard drive to resolve this issue. To stop your technological device from further and monitor hardware health. 


To sum up, laptops are devices not immune to malfunctions and problems. The problems mentioned in this article are some common ones that can arise in any laptop, new or old. Consider consulting a computer technician for further assistance if you encounter problems beyond your comfort zone. You can solve some of them on your own or take them to the Lenovo service centre in Mohali if you are looking for a good and reliable service centre in Tricity. 

Regular repairs for your laptop are crucial to its smooth running and long life. The service centres have professionals who know what they are doing and will offer you the best services. 

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